Finding a Track and Getting Started

Come Race With The Best In BMX!
Welcome to the National Bicycle League and the NJ BMX State Series!

Getting started in BMX is easy and the NBL sanctions more than 160 tracks across the country - Find an NBL track here. Once you have located an NBL track near you, check out their website for event schedules and directions to the track. You will have several low-cost options to start racing and you’ll be competing against other kids of the same age and skill level.

The NBL offers exciting local, state, regional and national programs, each with a new opportunity to win exciting awards such as trophies, plaques, number plates, clothing, scholarships and more. TIP: Before entering your first race, participate in a few practice or training events to make sure you are familiar with the local track. Many tracks offer rider clinics and camps to help you gain experience and learn new skills. Download the New Rider Guide for additional information.


Options to try BMX:

1. First race – Many of our tracks will offer either a free or low-cost option to let you try BMX Racing before purchasing a license and additional equipment (if needed) Each track should have bikes and helmets for you to borrow to try out the track before your first race. You can also earn free-race coupons through our Bring-A-Buddy and hang-tag programs.
2. 30-day trial membership – $30. A low-cost, short term option for you to see if you enjoy racing organized BMX. You can then upgrade to a full membership for an additional $15 and receive a full NBL Membership with the benefits listed below:
3. Full Membership Benefits:
* BMX Today Magazine — the official magazine of the NBL features more than 100 pages of race coverage, points listings, race results, rider profiles, race advertisements, and much more. BMX Today is mailed directly to your home address 11 times per year.
* Access to any NBL track in the USA, each one with a different and exciting design.
* Excess Sport Accident insurance coverage.
* Ability to compete in local, state, regional and national programs and earn various titles, prizes and overall year-end rankings.
* Earn exciting awards at all race events including trophies, plaques, clothing, and even NBL Race bucks that can be used towards vendor purchases.


For additional specifications, visit NBL rulebook webpage here.

The BMX Bike:

* Most 20” and 24” cruiser bicycles can be used for competition. Must be in mechanically safe working condition.
* Number plate affixed to your handlebars – A temporary number plate will be supplied by the track at no charge.
* No kickstand, chain guard, reflectors, freestyle pegs or other protruding dangerous equipment attached.

Helmet and Apparel (Clothing):

* Helmet – full-face or open face with a suitable mouth guard
(Tracks may have helmets for you to use during your trial race)
* Long pants
* Long Sleeves
* Closed-toe shoes


1. Arrive early at the track to check out the course and to talk to staff in the registration booth. A volunteer from the track will show you around the facility and help you get ready for your race.
2. Sign up. Check the posted sign-up times and be sure to ask as many questions as you need. Your first race is very inexpensive and you may be eligible to race with for free or you have the option to purchase a 30-day trial or full NBL racing membership if you plan to race more events throughout the year.
3. Get your gear ready. You will need to have a helmet, long pants, long sleeve shirt, and closed-toe shoes as per the NBL rulebook.
4. Bike Inspection is held before each race to ensure that your bicycle is safe and mechanically fit.
5. Practice the course as much as possible so that you feel comfortable with the starting gate, obstacles, and turns. Tip: Take a training clinic before your first race.
6. Check the moto board. The track will post moto-sheets on this board and it is your responsibility to check your moto number and gate lanes for each race. Write them down on your hand, a piece of paper, or memorize them.
7. Race Time! Listen to the announcers and get ready for your first race. Though it can be tough to relax, just try to keep your mind focused on having fun. The rest is up to you. Good luck!