2011 Pro-Am Information
2011 NJ Pro/Am Rules
Amatuer riders must be registered and participate in a point class before being eligible to compete in an open class. Open Wheels classes, sometimes named “money classes” (16 and over) are a combination of age, proficiency levels, 20 inch and cruiser bicycles (either 20”, 24” or 26” bicycles may be ridden in Open Wheels classes)

$20- AA Elite/ A Elite/ Masters/ Elite Women

$10- Amatuers

State Qualifiers and Championship Race:

All entry fees + NJ BMX donation of $100 + any added sponsor donations will go to purse award of the day.

Top finishers in each race will earn cash awards (depending on the number of participants)

End of year series cash awards:

The top 8 riders with the highest amount of points, who raced a minimum of 2 state qualifiers plus the championship, will be eligible to earn year end cash awards.

All earned money from raffles and donated cash/ tba will be accumulated for year end cash awards.


You must have a current NBL license/membership and be a minimum of 16 years old. You must race a minimum of 2 state qualifiers + state championship race to qualify for the year end prizes. If you race 4 the lowest 2 scores will be dropped.

All qualifiers will be single points.

Points Table:
1st 10
2nd 9
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3

1st 20
2nd 19
3rd 18
4th 17
5th 16
6th 15
7th 14
8th 13

No points will be earned for ¼’s or semis.

Championship race will be double points.

All pro/am races will run scrambled motos

2011 NJ BMX Pro/Am Series Sponsors:

Thank you to all the following teams for supporting the pro/am this season:

Chip N Dales
Positive Force/Stylin
Roadkill Bicycles
Hyper Bicycles Northeast
SC Action Sports

Also, thank you to the following Companies for their generous raffle donations:

Hyper Bicycles

We are still looking for a pro-am “Title Series Sponsor” as well as product donations for our raffles. If you are interested in sponsoring a State Qualifier(s) or the Championship Race, please contact Debby Smith at d8by1@aol.com

Remaining qualifier dates: June 25 @ HCBMX Flemington, NJ
July 2 @ CV BMX Hazleton, PA
Aug 6 @ CJ BMX Howell, NJ
State Championship Aug 20th @ Trilogy Park BMX Pottstown, Pa