State Meeting Minutes - 1/22/11

New President Brian Lynch called the meeting to order at 11:20 AM.  We started the meeting by going track by track on their new boards.

State Commissioner—Brian Lynch
Assistant State Commissioner---Kim Feinstein
Secretary--- Lisa Heath
Treasurer—Nancy Haugh
Central Jersey
Craig West
John Regan
Alt:Chris Gough
Linda Vanderhoff
Janeen Welsh
Alt:Brian Grabel
Dan Pautler
Loreen Hamblin
Alt:Dan Melczko
Roy Higgins
Mark Lazar
Alt:Steve Huey
Glen Knapper
Damien Daywalt
Alt:Mike Gradwell
There was 100 percent present for a quorum. The minutes from the last meeting was read and accepted by John Regan..Linda seconded them.
The financial report through December 11,2010 was read.  The starting balance on December 1 was $20,650.69.  After paying for all the year end awards and banquet and some Jersey reimbursements the balance as of December 11 is $16,306.70.  Debbie Smith made a motion to accept as read and Anthony Brown seconded it.
New committees was next on the agenda. 
By laws committee is:
Janeen, Anthony Brown, John Gill, Debbie Smith and added after the meeting is Cathy Knapper and Rich Farside.
State Competition Committee is:
Linda, Nancy, Lisa, Janeen, and Brian
Presidents Cup Committee is:
Craig, Laura Feinstein and Nancy
Nominating Committee is:
Sponsorship is:
Anthony Brown and this committee is also for the Pro Am
State Race Committee is:
Kim Feinstein, Jennifer Regan, Craig, and John Regan
Teams and Pro Am:
Old Business:
John Gill is not qualified to be treasurer so the election was reopened.  There was no one willing to run so Nancy was nominated and ran unopposed.  The single vote by the Secretary was casted and Nancy will remain as Treasurer.
New Business:
Hazelton still needs their name added to the State Trailer.  Anthony said that he would stop by the trailer and get the size needed and get them added.
We agreed that NJBMX would host 4 state qualifiers and one championship.  The championship is in Trilogy this year so they will not hold a qualifier.
Dates are:
Eht ---April 9
Flemington—June 25
Hazelton---July 2
Central Jersey—Aug 6
Trilogy—Championship Aug 20
Race fees for the series is $15 per race or a one time fee if paid at the first or second race for $50.  This fee will cover both class and cruiser.
We discussed plaques or trophies for the year and agreed to purchase plaques.  There are left over trophies in the trailer that if people wish to purchase at the races that we would sell for $5.00 each to get rid of what we have.
We agreed that each track would clerk their own race and that the start times would remain the same as this year.
Qualifications are a minimum of 2 State races and 3 locals and the championship.
Cap is 3 State races and 10 locals and the championship.
Their will be no state clerk just a state points keeper and Brian appointed Janeen for this position.
We will again run the Jersey contest but will have all information on it out at every state race.
We are planning on sending out a newsletter before the season begins to let everyone know what is going on.  Kim will get the address labels for the east coast for us.
The website is now in the hands of Ali Ryan and Anthony Brown.  They will work together to bring everything up to date.
We agreed to run a special race for the scholarship fund and have asked that the track that hosts the championship to take on that race since they do not have a qualifier.  Glen has agreed to do it this year and will get back to us with some dates.
Reimbursements for the Presidents Cup are $40 for each class and the price of the Jersey, the requirement is that they must pay for the jersey ahead of time like everyone else and must participate in the parade lap.  Failure to pay for the jersey or to participate in the parade will make the offer void.
We have set a tentative date of Friday night, July 29 for the next state meeting with a time and place to be announced.
Motion to adjourn was made by Janeen and John Regan seconded it.