NJBMX is a non-profit BMX racing organization that supports the athletes and families of Bicycle Motocross.

NJ BMX operates with a full board of trustees whose job it is to support the athletes and families of Bicycle Motocross. It is also the job of NJ BMX to create and run a State Championship Series each year that includes an event at each of our tracks. Riders from the ages of 3 to 55+ are awarded at the end of the season at a banquet honoring all riders who participated in the state series of races. NJ BMX also offers a special program called Rider of the Month which recognizes successful state riders who demonstrate great sportsmanship. NJ BMX also holds a contest to Design-A-Jersey each year and is proud to create a state jersey that reflects the talents of one of our own and is then worn proudly by many at the Presidents Cup.

In sum, NJ BMX is a group of people dedicated to bringing together the people and tracks of New Jersey for the love of our sport, BMX.

This year’s Board includes:

State Commissioner—Brian Lynch
Assistant State Commissioner---Kim Feinstein
Secretary--- Lisa Heath
Treasurer—Nancy Haugh
Central Jersey
Craig West
John Regan
Alt:Chris Gough
Linda Vanderhoff
Janeen Welsh
Alt:Brian Grabel
Dan Pautler
Loreen Hamblin
Alt:Dan Melczko
Roy Higgins
Mark Lazar
Alt:Steve Huey
Glen Knapper
Damien Daywalt
Alt:Mike Gradwell